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Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit, Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The final year and third year students of EEE department went for an industrial visit to Sakthi Transformers, Chennai on 23.07.2016. They were explained with basic concepts and operation of three phase power and distribution transformers. The fabrication process of transformers in core and winding design was observed by them with keen interest. The low voltage and high voltage winding machines were shown to students and the process of winding along with insulation was demonstrated to students. This session was well received by many students since that was part of their curriculum/project. The limb and the frame sections of transformer core were also explained to students. The process of eliminating moisture by heating the transformer in high temperature furnace was also demonstrated. The basic testing of transformers was explained to the students. As an outcome of this visit, students acquired the practical principle involved in the transformer’s design.

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