Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics


The Students will be able to
  • 01 Understanding the operating procedures of Robots, operation ranges, degree of freedom concepts.
  • 02 Acquire knowledge about control techniques and robot programming methodologies.
  • 03 Learn kinematic and dynamics mechanisms for robot precise operations.
  • 04 Familiarize in “ARISTOSIM” robotic simulation software and able to interface the robot operations.
  • 05 Experience in interfacing of suitable sensors, actuators and transmission techniques for wide range of project operations in batch and mass production projects.


The students will be able to
  • 01 Perform kinematic and dynamic analysis with simulation.
  • 02 Select a robotic system for given application and design control laws for a robot.
  • 03 Integrate mechanical and electrical hardware for a real prototype of robotic device.
  • 04 Perform a work layout and sequence of operation for a robot operation to automate a given task.
  • 05 Familiarize in remote operation of robot using cloud connect techniques.