IOT & ITS Application

IOT & ITS Application


The Students will be able
  • 01 To learn about Smart Objects and IoT Architectures.
  • 02 To learn about the various IOT-related protocols.
  • 03 To build the simple IoT Systems using Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  • 04 To learn the data analytics and cloud in the context of IoT.
  • 05 To develop the IoT infrastructure for popular applications.


The students will be able
  • 01 To understand the concept of IoT.
  • 02 To analyze various protocols for IoT.
  • 03 To design a PoC of an IoT system using Rasperry Pi/Arduino.
  • 04 To apply data analytics and use cloud offerings related to IoT.
  • 05 To analyze applications of IoT in real time scenario.