Admissions 2021 - 2022

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Affiliated to Anna University

Mohamed-Sathak-A-J-Engineering TNEA-Code
Mohamed-Sathak-A-J-Engineering CII-Code

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline concerned with the study of designing, installing and operating of the equipment’s and machines ranging from small motors to heavy generators and turbines. Electrical engineering jobs represent over 25% of all available jobs in engineering. In India 30%of the government jobs are from electrical engineering sectors. Electrical and electronics engineers can enter into the job market of CSE, ECE, ICE, Robotics, Mechanical engineering, Healthcare sectors etc. But engineers from other branches cannot enter into electrical engineers job market. Other than conventional electrical engineering jobs like power generation, transmission, distribution, manufacturing and utilization sector are well positioned to address a variety of crucial engineering issues faced today. With an expected boom in electric vehicle sector in the near future, the demand and contribution of electrical engineers to the development of India and Indian economy will be tremendous. The Government of India has developed policies and set targets for the implementation of renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. to reduce carbon foot print and boost economy. This program is grounded with science and maths. When these subjects are enjoyed then it becomes a rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve real time problems.

Job opportunities in India and Abroad. ( Both Public & Private Sectors)

Electrical motors and Generators, Manufacturing, Consultancy (Electrical Engineering), Electrical appliances, Electrical components companies, Lighting & luminaries, Power Generation, Electric wires & Cables, Electrical exporters, Measurements & Instrumentation, Power Distribution, Transformers, Manufacturing Industries, Green Energy Companies in India.

Courses Offered

B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Duration : 4 Years / Intake: 60 Seats