CISCO Academy

CISCO Academy


The Students will be able to understand
  • 01 CCNA course is designed to impart detailed knowledge of computer networks, architecture, functions of various components, various protocols used in communication, managing and configuring Cisco Switches and Routers and various WAN technologies.
  • 02 Network Security Course is designed to learn how to secure computer networks & network infrastructure devices to prevent unauthorized access, data theft, network misuses, and device and date modification as well as aware about Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) in Security Concepts.
  • 03 Cyber Security Course is designed to learn about prevent or mitigate harm to or destruction of computer networks, applications, device and data from cyber-attacks.
  • 04 Network automation is a course provides knowledge about a methodology in which how software automatically configures, manages and tests network devices to improve efficiency and reduce human error and operating cost.


The students will be able to
After completion of the above course the student will be able to manage
  • 01 CCNA: Manage Network for an Organization
  • 02 Network Security: Identify the factors driving the need for network security, classify the attacks, identify the physical points of vulnerability in the networks, compare and contrast symmetric and asymmetric encryption systems and their vulnerability to attack and explain the characteristics of hybrid systems.
  • 03 Cyber Security: Apply security principles and practices to the environment, hardware, software and human aspects of a system as well as analyses and evaluate systems with respect to maintaining operations in the presence of risk and threats.
  • 04 Network Automation: At the end of the course the students will be able to integrating automation into enterprise networking operations and accelerate work flow and automate manual processes hence focus them on more strategic projects.