Building Information system

Building Information system


The Students will be able
  • 01 To gain basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the BIM techniques.
  • 02 To interpret 2D & 3D drawings and structural analysis.
  • 03 To understand the regulations as per National Building Code.
  • 04 To prepare students for actual work situations through practical training.


The students will be able to
  • 01 Prepare a component to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, and sustainability.
  • 02 Create 2D drawing of the building, industrial structures and various framed structures using AUTOCAD software.
  • 03 Create and simulate a virtual building model of design with intelligent building elements using REVIT ARCHITECTURE software.
  • 04 Design and analyse different types of structures such as liquid retaining structures, bridge components, retaining wall and industrial and commercial structures in the form 3D model & predict the performances before the construction using STAAD.Pro software.