3D Printing & Reverse Engineering

3D Printing & Reverse Engineering


The Students will be able
  • 01 To gain knowledge and skills related to 3D printing technologies.
  • 02 To learn the selection of material, equipment and development of a product for Industry 4.0 environment.
  • 03 To understand the various software tools, process and techniques for digital manufacturing.
  • 04 To apply these techniques into various applications.


The students will be able to
  • 01 Develop CAD models for 3D printing.
  • 02 Import and Export CAD data and generate .stl file.
  • 03 Select a specific material for the given application.
  • 04 Select a 3D printing process for an application.
  • 05 Produce a product using 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM).